November’s Birthstone – Citrine

Citrine, this months birthstone, is a impeccable and abundantly spiritual gem. This gem, the premier stone of imagination and personal will carries the power of the sun encouraging fresh beginnings and new pursuits. Citrine’s warm golden yellow colour is both a suiting compliment to the rich harvest colours of Autumn while also exemplifying its generative and energising properties.

This sunny stone can be found most commonly in the quartz mines of Brazil but also France, Greece, Argentina and Spain. Citrine dubbed the ‘Success stone’ due to its vast empowering and energising potential, is perfect for all aspiring visionaries and creatives. Citrine has been hugely popular through out history with references to the this gem being found in ancient Greece and also ascended to popularity as a decorative gem during the Hellenistic age. Citrine again rose to prominence during the Art Deco period during the early part of the 20th century, and citrine be seen in all aspects of life during this period from jewellery and clothing to architecture.

Among many other spiritual properties citrine does not absorb negative energy and is fitting for repelling negative energy surrounding all facets of your life. Simply looking at this gem stone, it is easy to understand why this stone is so fitting for this time of year calibrating effortlessly with the enchanting hue of Autumn.

 November Birthstone Citrine Charm

April’s Birthstone – Clear Quartz

Ah at last, spring is finally beginning to appear; the sun peeps bashfully through the clouds, not so much that you could start working on your tan but just enough to catch the sparkle on that beautiful clear quartz Juvi ring of yours.

Traditionally the birthstone for the month of April would be a diamond but as we strive to offer affordable luxury pieces, we offer the alternative of the clear quartz gemstone.  So now all the lovely ladies of april have the option to spoil themselves with a sparkling birthstone piece without breaking the bank! Woohoo!

Clear quartz in itself is a remarkable gemstone and has been regarded highly by cultures all over the world. In ancient Japanese mythology for instance, clear quartz was believed to have been created by the breath of a white dragon and signified perfection. Regarded by many as the ‘Universal Crystal’ for its incredible usefulness and the fact that all colours of the light spectrum can be contained within it, clear quartz is truly unique in its depth and beauty. Among the many uses of clear quartz is the use of clear quartz gemstones in connecting the spirit to the divine, facilitating healing and bringing strength and clarity to a troubled mind.

Has the story behind the clear quartz gemstone captured you the way it has us? Then here are some of our favourite clear quartz Juvi pieces for you to feast your eyes upon:

edit clear quartz gold


Clear quartz and silver ring Web Resolution


Web Res Gold and cq tiny studs


Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 17.56.07


Introducing JuviGems – Loyalty Made Lovely

Treating yourself or someone special to a beautiful piece of Juvi?  Well, we have a special gift for you!

Introducing JuviGems. 

Every time you order a piece of Juvi jewellery through our website, we will reward you with 10% back in the form of JuviGems.  Collect JuviGems each time you make a purchase and then you can put them towards a special piece.

Earn 1 JuviGem for every €10 you spend! 

How it works…

All you have to do is set up and log into your Juvi Gem Box account each time you order a gorgeous new piece of Juvi.

JuviGems are the perfect way to save up for an extra special piece, complete a collection (yes, we caught you eyeing up that Manhattan pendant) or pick up a gift for that important person in your life. If you are buying gifts for your Bridesmaids, you could earn enough JuviGems to treat yourself (or the Mother of the Bride – you know she deserves it) to something special.

You can even earn JuviGems for yourself when you purchase a Juvi gift voucher – giving you a treat everytime you want to gift a friend!

Setting up your account is super easy. Simply click here and you will be all set in less than 60 seconds!

Happy shopping!


T&C’s Apply:  JuviGems are not valid against sale products or other special offers. JuviGems must be used towards complete orders, split payment does not apply. JuviGems can only be earned and redeemed on online orders, not valid to collect or spend on in store purchases. 


June’s Birthstones – Moonstone and Pearl

The longer days and bright colours of summer in June really are breath-taking and give you a definite pep in your step when you leave the house in the morning, but what I always love in June are those lovely mild, romantic summer nights. As though in ode to these stunning clear June evenings, the two birthstones for this dreamy moonlit month are the opalescent pearl and moonstone.


Both pearls and moonstones have a gorgeous feminine softness to them and have an association with love, purity and the moon. According to Hindu mythology for instance, pearls were said to be teardrops of the moon that fell into the sea, and were picked by Krishna for his daughter on her wedding day. Meanwhile, moonstone is said to carry the the energy of the new moon at the height of its power, stimulating psychic perception, vision and dream work. Within Chinese culture, moonstone is also believed to be the perfect expression of the feminine yin energy, granting the wearer of moonstone calm, peace and balance in their lives.


Being so romantic and magical in their own ways, moonstone and pearls definitely bring out the hopeless romantic and midnight dreamer in us and we love it!


Here are but a few of our favourite Juvi pearl and moonstone pieces:


web res hollow triangle white pearl earring


Web Res Seadrop Hook Earrings in Gold and Moonstone


web rez_010

Moonstone and gold ring Web Res



August Birthstone – Peridot

Do you remember those fresh, crisp mornings? The kind that you wake up to and it feels like the air itself is energetic and alive around you. You close your eyes as you breathe it in, and as you do you picture the most bright and invigorating shade of green – the colour of this month’s amazing birthstone, Peridot.

Although the word ‘Peridot’ comes from the French word peritot, meaning gold, Peridot is actually much better known for it’s origins and symbolism in Egypt. Known as “the gem of the sun.” to ancient Egyptians, this beautiful olive-green stone was mined for over 3,500 years on Zagarbad Island in Egypt. In the 19th Century, the mines on Zabargad Island produced millions of dollars worth of peridot but reached a peak in 1905 and by today the island has all but completely exhausted their resources of the precious stone.

Throughout history, there have been many legends that state the strong magical power that peridot possesses. Legend says that if the gem is set in gold, it will develop its full potential as a talisman and will have the power to dispel terrors of the night- fears and bad dreams. However, according to Pliny The Elder, the Great Roman authority on such matters, for peridots to work their strongest magic, they must be worn on the right arm. One of my favourite mythic properties of peridot is that it is said to help boost the wearer’s self esteem by enabling them to see the light within themselves and to help them recognise that they are deserving of love, I think every once in a while we all need that little reminder sometimes.

So no matter whether you’re a person with a passion for bright, lively colours, a collector of historic talismans or someone who just needs a little magic to help them see the best in themselves, Peridot could be the stone for you! Here  are some of our favourite pieces featuring this beautiful August birthstone:


Peridot and silver Ring Web Resolution Initials Stacking Ring in Sterling Silver and Peridot

Peridot birthstone charm in Gold Vermeil €55

Initials Birthstone Charm in Gold Vermeil and Peridot

Juvi Marketing and Business Development Internship

Web Job Ad Header

Hey There! 

We are very excited to announce that we are expanding our lovely little Juvi Team and currently looking for a very special someone to fill a Marketing and Business Development internship position with the lead on opportunity to become our brand new Marketing and Business Development Executive!


About Juvi

Juvi Designs are an award winning Irish jewellery brand, founded by duo Julie Danz and Vincent Tynan. Inspired by the couple’s love of travel, nature and colour, each Juvi collection embodies the spirit of wanderlust and each piece is a story brought home.  With our modest price point and dedication to quality, Juvi brings a unique brand of affordable luxury to the irish jewellery market and we are excited to broaden our horizons to the international market in the near future. This is where you come in.


About the Job

At Juvi we understand that behind every great brand is a passionate, skilled super-team; and we are looking one talented individual who is mad about marketing and business development to join ours! The position is a 3 month unpaid internship with travel allowance as a lead up to a possible 30 hour per week paid position thereafter.

As we are an ever growing company, things are never dull or boring in our office and we’re always planning new events, collections and creative marketing methods. If you’re born strategist with an eye for innovative marketing trends, research and market analysis then we would love to hear from you!


Key Responsibilities

  • Managing, updating and expanding Juvi’s contact databases (gathering, validating and qualifying contact lists).
  • Coordinating marketing materials for events and promotional campaigns alongside our Creative Media Manager.
  • Conducting research on target customers and new media advertising platforms
  • Compiling and analysing data from marketing campaigns
  • Identifying areas of growth, retention, and awareness that can be reached via our channels using our CMS, CRM, facebook reporting, google analytics and website reporting and analyses
  • Preparing sales data from website reports
  • Staying up to date on advertising trends and constructing strategic media buying plans
  • Working with our Creative Media Manager to draft press releases
  • Developing and conducting customer surveys

About You

  1. Has a Degree in marketing, business development, and/or similar
  2. An adept and tenacious researcher with an eye for marketing trends
  3. You have previous experience using CMS, CRM software and google analytics
  4. A complex problem solver, able to prioritize multiple projects at once and meet their deadlines
  5. Fluent in English – both written and oral
  6. Previous experience working on national or international scale marketing campaigns an advantage but not essential
  7. Strong Microsoft Office skills  (particularly in Microsoft Excel)
  8. Are a passionate individual with a mind for marketing strategy and opportunity planning

Get in touch!

Hello, is it you we’re looking for? If you think you think you are, then kindly send your CV and cover letter to Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully welcoming you into the Juvi family!