November’s Birthstone – Citrine

Citrine, this months birthstone, is a impeccable and abundantly spiritual gem. This gem, the premier stone of imagination and personal will carries the power of the sun encouraging fresh beginnings and new pursuits. Citrine’s warm golden yellow colour is both a suiting compliment to the rich harvest colours of Autumn while also exemplifying its generative and energising properties.

This sunny stone can be found most commonly in the quartz mines of Brazil but also France, Greece, Argentina and Spain. Citrine dubbed the ‘Success stone’ due to its vast empowering and energising potential, is perfect for all aspiring visionaries and creatives. Citrine has been hugely popular through out history with references to the this gem being found in ancient Greece and also ascended to popularity as a decorative gem during the Hellenistic age. Citrine again rose to prominence during the Art Deco period during the early part of the 20th century, and citrine be seen in all aspects of life during this period from jewellery and clothing to architecture.

Among many other spiritual properties citrine does not absorb negative energy and is fitting for repelling negative energy surrounding all facets of your life. Simply looking at this gem stone, it is easy to understand why this stone is so fitting for this time of year calibrating effortlessly with the enchanting hue of Autumn.

 November Birthstone Citrine Charm

March’s Birthstone – Aqua Chalcedony

Whether or not you think you’d classify as an impulsive person, most of us have had an experience where we’ve gotten hotheaded and said something we wish we hadn’t. More often than not we’ve discovered for ourselves that words can hurt so much more than any physical blow. It’s in these kind of scenarios that the calming properties of this month’s pale blue birthstone lends the most aid.

Known as the ‘Speaker’s Stone’, Aqua Chalcedony keeps the wearer attuned toward the emotions of those around them and helps them to measure their words in a clear, level-headed manner when faced with conflict or aggression. Widely regarded as a nurturing stone, this translucent gemstone also helps to promote feelings of brotherhood and goodwill by absorbing negative energies between people.  On a physical level, its uniquely calming characteristics is said to aid restless sleepers and protect them from night terrors, sleep paralysis and sleep walking.

Given all the amazing properties of this gemstone in tandem with how beautifully it compliments Irish skin tones, it’s not hard to see why Aqua Chalcedony is Juvi’s best-selling gemstone! Check out some of our favourite Aqua Chalcedony pieces here:


web rez_0114


Web Res Gold Atoll Ring in Sea Gemstone Combo


Sterling Silver Tulum Pendant with Cocoa Pod Charm and Aqua Chalcedony


Featured Gemstone – Ruby

It’s the middle of the summer, bees hover lazily over flowers in full bloom and beautiful golden rays of sun hold everything in a comfortingly cozy embrace. Is it any wonder then that the warm and vibrant Ruby is the birthstone for July?

Rubies, clearly identified by their rich red hue are known to be powerful talismans and symbols of passion, protection, prosperity and vitality. This fiery gemstone has been known to be great for enhancing the wearer’s focus and motivation, and is also categorized as a base or root chakra stone which energizes the wearer by increasing their life-energy (Chi).

This eye-catching gemstone has symbolic roots in several areas of the world, particularly in a number of Asian countries. For instance, in India the ruby is very highly regarded and is known as ‘king of the gemstones’ and ceremonial offerings of rubies to the Hindu gods were said to bring great blessings upon the offerer. Rubies can also be found in regions such as Thailand, Myanmar and Burma.

The ruby being the gemstone of passion and love has definitely captured our hearts and here are some of our favourite ruby Juvi pieces.

cocoa pod baja earrings

Cocoa Pod Baja Earring in Ruby and Gold Vermeil

little bean

Boho Little Bean Pendant in Ruby and Sterling Silver

boho bamboo ring gold

Boho Bamboo Ring In Ruby and Gold Vermeil

Featured Gemstone – Aqua Chalcedony

Aqua chalcedony is a highly versatile stone – it is stunning with either gold or silver, and looks great with every skin tone. No wonder it’s our bestselling stone!

There’s much more to aqua chalcedony than just looking pretty. It comes in a few different colours, but the most popular is aqua. It is a member of the Quartz family of gemstones, and is related to rose quartz and amethyst (which you can read about here)

It is a creative stone, and is known to open the mind to new ideas, enhance receptivity and helps the mind generate new ideas.  Everyone is creative in some way, shape or form, so maybe that is why aqua chalcedony is our most popular stone! Interestingly, aqua chalcedony is a good all-round stone for physical throat health. It can help strengthen vocals, and prevent vocal strain. It is also excellent for soothing sore throats and throat infections.

Here are some aqua chalcedony pieces from Juvi:


Cocoa Pod Tulum Pendant in gold and aqua €89


Antibes Gold Ring in Aqua and Labradorite €109


Cocoa Pod Cenote Bangle in Silver and Aqua €139





Behind the Scenes on our Look Book shoot

Last week we shot our amazing new look book – exciting times! We had a bit of a disaster with the weather, and had to change location the day before, but I think we pulled it off – thanks to our great team, and the kind people at South Studios, who took us on last minute!

We wanted the shoot to be fresh, clean and GREEN – so lots of beautiful greenery (from the lovely Sam at Urban Plant Life, such a gent) The new collection is called the Cocoa Pod collection, and you can read all about it here. You can also take a look at the new collection on our website or see it in store at Arnotts.

Xpose also popped along to film a bit of the shoot, and do some interviews with us, so keep an eye out for that.

Our amazing team…

Photographer: Emily Charlotte Greene

Stylist: Paloma Feijoo

MUA: Marina Granville

Model: Dorottya Kriszan @ Distinct

Videographer: Kilig Productions

Shot on location at South Studios. Plants supplied by Urban Plant Life

MVI_0001.MOV.Still001 MVI_0001.MOV.Still002 MVI_0001.MOV.Still003 MVI_0001.MOV.Still004 MVI_0001.MOV.Still005 MVI_0001.MOV.Still006

Inspiration behind our new collection ‘The Cocoa Pod’

Our new collection, The Cocoa Pod, is launching at Showcase Ireland 2016 in the RDS this week! We have been so busy over the last few months designing our beautiful new pieces, inspired by the shape of the cocoa pod.

While we were visiting Mexico a few years ago, myself and Vincent were lucky enough to visit a cocoa plantation, where we learned all about how chocolate is made, from when they pick the colourful cocoa pod all the way to the roasting of the beans. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a cocoa pod, but its so vibrant – it goes from green to orange to red to yellow – amazing!


I just loved the beauty, the colour and the shape of the pod, and really wanted to create something inspired by it, and our travels around Mexico. This shape features heavily throughout the new collection, and is on nearly every piece.


The Cocoa Pod collection will be available to buy from March 2016

J x


Image of cocoa pods courtesy of Vanessa via Flickr Creative Commons