September’s Birthstone – Lapis Lazuli

Entering September, we are now 3 quarters of the way into the year with only a few months left to wrap up everything left to do on our 2018 goals list. September is the perfect time to pause for a bit of self reflection and honest evaluation of everything you’ve done so far this year, and what you have left to do. What other gemstone other than the richly coloured lapis lazuli then could be more appropriate for this mindful time of year.

With its deep blue hue accented by gold or sometimes white flecks, the Lapis Lazuli stone is one that symbolises honor, wisdom and truth. A historically prized gemstone in Egypt- a country which is home to some of the largest and oldest of Lapis Lazuli mining sites – Lapis Lazuli was often closely associated with royalty and a supernatural connection with the Gods. In fact, many ancient Egyptian Kings, Queens and High Priests have been found to be buried in tombs set with Lapis Lazuli or with ornaments made from the gemstone.

Wearing Lapis Lazuli is said to help enhance good and balanced decision-making skills, encourage honesty of spirit and promote deep and connected communication in relationships.

Being a stone of wisdom, Lapis Lazuli is also said to boost intellectual ability, learning and memory, thus making it an ideal stone to wear if studying for an important exam or learning a new skill.

Whether you’re a September baby looking for your birthstone or have just fallen in love with the enchantingly deep blue hue of this gorgeous gemstone, you should definitely check out our range of  stunning Lapis Lazuli gemstone pieces. Here are some of our favourite Lapis Lazuli pieces:


Lapis Lazuli Charm Pendant

Initials Stacking Ring in Lapis Lazuli and Sterling Silver

Antibes Glamour Puss Lapis Lazuli and Gold Vermeil

Our Top 7 Little Gestures for Valentines Day

With only one day to go to February the 14th, what have you got planned to do on this Valentines Day? A romantic candlelit meal out in one of your favourite restaurants? A quiet snuggly night in, curled up together on the couch with chocolates and a good ol’ lovey dovey movie? Or maybe you and your significant other have no particular plans set out yet at all?

Either way if you’re looking for a few sweet little ideas to add onto your Valentines Day, here are our top 7 little gestures to make your partner feel that extra bit special this Valentines Day.

1. A Dozen Roses With a Twist

  • rosesThe age old tradition of giving someone special a bouquet of red roses as a sign of romantic affection is indeed a lovely one. But how about making it that extra bit unique this Valentines Day and show your partner just how special they are to you by instead giving them a bouquet of eleven red roses and one white rose. Attach a lovingly handwritten note that says: “In every bunch there’s one who stands out—and you are that one.”


2. Bubbles and bubbly


  • Sometimes the simplest gestures are the most thoughtful. As Valentines Day falls on a weekday this year, perhaps a nice idea would be to surprise your partner when they come home after work to a nice hot bubble bath and a glass of chilled prosecco (or a nice cold can of beer). It’d be a lovely treat to come home and unwind to at the end of a long day and it’s so easy to do!


3. A little box of memories

White leather box on wooden background

  • Here at Juvi we absolutely love stories and memories and believe they hold a truly special place in a person’s heart, the value of which all the treasures and riches of the world could never match. So giving a little box of memories, telling the story of your relationship is probably one of the most amazing and beautiful gestures you could give to your significant other. Buy a nice box, perhaps a cute little wooden one or even a simple gift box and fill it with things like tickets from your last movie date, photographs of when you went on holidays together and a reference to an inside joke you both might share. It’s a wonderfully sentimental and meaningful way to look back on your relationship together and let your significant other know how much you’ve appreciated your time together.


4. Do something neither of you has ever done before


  • Whether its going roller-skating, trying some kind of new exotic cuisine or a couples spa package do something totally new to both of you. Creating new experiences together is one of the most amazing and fun things about being in a relationship and far too often in the mad mix of maintaining our work, family and social lives we slip into a comfortable routine and stop being adventurous. This Valentines Day, take the plunge with your loved one and venture into previously uncharted territory – hey you might even find something brand new that you have in common.


5. Show them how proud you are of them beautiful young couple

  • Everyone likes to feel like they’re valuable to the people around them and a little appreciation goes a long way. This is perhaps one of the smallest gestures on our list but it is incredibly effective and important. Whether its around your families or your friends, compliment your significant other and talk with pride about them, make them blush. Remind them how wonderful you think they are and that you’re not afraid to say it to the people around you.


6. Relive your first date


  • Toss back Tuesday anybody? I think we all love that giddy feeling of being on a first date with someone you like. The butterflies in your tummy when they move a little closer to you, the flushes of colour on your face and the funny awkward lulls in the conversation when you’re both too shy to say anything. Whether you were high school sweethearts or are a new-found romance, revisiting your first date together is a ton of fun and no doubt reliving the experience now that you’ve got to know each other better, you’ll find plenty to laugh about as you recount that first dizzying date together.


7. A meaningful token of affection

  • Lets face it, we all love getting a good gift. And the best gifts are the ones that hold a specific meaning and symbolism to us. Perhaps it symbolises your kindred, entwined spirit like our hearts entwined bracelet and necklace does or perhaps it reflects your united strength and unique natural qualities like having both your birthstones side by side on a chain. If you like any of these gift ideas or are looking for more be sure to check out our Juvi gift guide HERE 

heartssilver hearts entwinedbirthstones

Have a wonderful Valentines Day!

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