What’s Important To Us

What’s important to us?

Here at Juvi, we create our collections with forever in mind. We want you to treasure each piece, create memories with each gift and look on your special ring, pendant or earrings with love, fondness and a smile.

We are inspired by travel, the feeling of adventure and the beauty in nature.  With this in mind, our pieces are designed slowly, created with care and with as little impact on the Earth as possible.  Our natural wanderlust allows us to seek out the most ethically sourced gemstones, work hand in hand with people on the ground and forge relationships around the world with craftspeople who have decades of experience with local gemstones.

One of the most inspiring parts of our creative process is gemstone selection.  We travel to India, taste the food, drink tea with the locals and delve into the world of natural beauty as we watch our chosen stones go through the steps of cutting, faceting and polishing.  So much care is put into this process, as these stones will take centre stage in the jewellery we design when we arrive home to our studio in Dublin.

We use recycled materials like gold and silver, as well as elements of our packaging, allowing us to cast a gentle footprint on the environment.

The gemstones we use have taken ions to develop and likewise we want you to enjoy your beautiful piece of Juvi for just as long.


Our main Juvi collections are made in 925 sterling silver, which, where required are then plated with 18ct yellow gold.  Our fine jewellery is made in 9ct, 14 and 18ct solid gold.

Our People

At Juvi, we consider our team as close as family.   We are a small, but tight team, who are passionate about individuality, inclusion, sustainability and friendship.

Every single person on our team is a contributor to our success.  From when you visit us in store, chat to us on social media, or discuss personalisation with us, we hope your experience with our lovely crew reflects our ethos of positivity.


So much care and thought has gone into our packaging. We want you or your loved one to feel that “wow moment” when opening a new Juvi jewellery bag or box. 

We are conscious of your environmental concerns – they are our concerns too, so we are working hard to make as many elements of our packaging recyclable as possible.

Right now our tissue and postal boxes are 100% recyclable. Our gift boxes sadly are not recyclable; however, we are currently researching our options with an aim to develop an earth-kind packaging solution by 2021.  In the meantime, we hope that you keep your gift-boxes to keep your pieces of Juvi looking brand new when you aren’t wearing them – they are also perfect for keep-sakes, love notes and other special memories.

If you are a real Juvi fan and don’t require additional jewellery boxes, bags or booklets with your order, we are happy to send you a low-impact environmentally friendly envelope when delivering your online order.  Simply tick this box at the checkout and we’ll do the rest.

Our Goal

We are constantly working on progressing our collections, our impact and our contribution towards helping improve our environment.

With this in mind, we aim to introduce completely recyclable packaging for all orders by 2021.

We aim to eradicate the use of single use plastics in our studio and stores.  Our staff are environmentally conscious and no longer use plastic straws or other single use utensils like water bottles or cutlery.

We value your feedback, so if you feel there are ways that we can improve, we would love to hear from you at hello@juvidesigns.com

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