Slow Craftsmanship – Timeless Jewellery

At Juvi, our passion lies in the craft of our pieces. After all, it’s what gets us up in the morning and ignites our creativity.  Working with raw materials, beautiful twinkling gemstones and good old pencil and paper, as we sketch, create and perfect our pieces from simple ideas to beautiful jewellery.

We have the utmost integrity in what we do.  And it all starts with our endless desire to travel.  Every one of our collections has been inspired by a corner of the world that holds a special place in our heart.  From the gentle lapping waves of the Philippine shorelines, to the magical cocoa plantations of Mexico, the awe-inspiring twinkling windows of the tallest skyscrapers of Manhattan – right down to the majestic open skies over Ballinskelligs, right here on the Emerald Isle. 

Travel is as important to us at Juvi as the air we breathe.  It sustains us, it helps us grow, feel inspired and create.  Every trip we take, be it as a family break with our children, to spend some downtime together, or as an excursion to explore and seek out the most beautiful, ethically sourced gemstones, we absorb that little touch of magic of the unknown, the excitement of what’s waiting around the next corner, and always return with pockets full of gemstones and sketchbooks full of designs and ideas for new collections.

Quality is so important to us, especially when it comes to selecting the gemstones for our pieces.  Believe us when we say we pore over the stones that will become part of our collections.  We don’t believe in fast fashion, so our process is slow.  We take our time with the local experts, we drink tea, chat, laugh and scrutinize before we make our selections.

We focus on all factors, from sustainability, the ethical implications, the people on the ground who collect these stones and the expertise used, following years of tradition to hand cut and shape these pieces.  If it has taken the Earth thousands of years to cultivate these stones, we want to respect the process and allow the time to choose them – the earth doesn’t rush things, so either do we.


Like you, the footprint we cast means a lot to us, so we thread gently, using recyclable materials like gold and silver.  All sterling silver and gold that we use is recycled from jewellery, giftware and electronic industries.

In the plating process we use the finest German plating machinery and solutions at our dedicated plating room at our workshop, allowing us to be in full control of the quality of our plating.  We plate our Sterling Silver jewellery to 3 microns.


For centuries, the Pink City in India has been known as the epicentre for hand cut gemstones.  Temples throughout India are adorned in beautiful stones, catching every sun ray and adding a majestic feeling to these spectacular structures.  This has led to exceptional expertise over time and the gemstone workers in this part of India are known as the world leaders in their craft. This is why we always look to Jaipur when sourcing our hand cut gemstones.

The difference between machine cut and hand cut gemstones is evident in the finished product.  Machine cut stones have a very manufactured “perfect” finish, whereas the very nature of hand cut gemstones allows for a more organic, unique look – you know that there isn’t an exact stone like it in the world – which we believe makes the stones we use extra special.


At Juvi, we are extremely conscious of the quality of our diamonds and their origination.  We only use the next generation answer to responsible diamonds – CUD or lab grown diamonds.  The lab process imitates the natural process, using high temperatures required to create earth-kind and notably conflict-free diamonds that do not support warlords, invading armies or smugglers, which has become all too common in the International diamond trade.

Like natural diamonds CUD diamond are graded using the same 5 C’s:

1: Cut – referring to a diamonds symmetry and cut

2: Colour – diamonds are graded by the absence of colour

3: Carat – the size and weight of a diamond

4: Clarity – noting the diamond’s unique imperfections

5: Conflict Free Origin – recognizing the above-ground diamond source

The ideal diamond would have a beautiful cut with brilliant sparkle and no imperfections like speckles of grey, brown or any other colours and, of course be conflict free.

Pearls                                                                              At Juvi, we use cultured freshwater pearls that are farmed and created using freshwater mussels.  These pearls are produced in Japan, USA and mostly, China.  Pearls, like diamonds are graded to a series of A Values based on luster (the whiter the better), shape (the rounder the better) and with no inclusions on the surface.

The perfect pearl is perfectly round, gleaming white and with no inclusions.

When you wear your Juvi jewellery we want you to feel gorgeous, but also know that your piece has been made with loving care and expertise.  Take your time choosing the perfect piece – enjoy it forever.

Behind The Scenes on our Manhattan A/W Photoshoot

Wow! We are still reeling from the launch of our new A/W Manhattan Collection photo shoot.

Shot on location in the heart of the Big Apple, right in the epicenter of where the inspiration for the collection was born.

This collection pays homage to the city that never sleeps, with a special hat tip to the chic and sophisticated art deco scene.

Featuring beautiful handcut gemstones like Iolite, Amethyst, Labradorite, Garnet & Moonstone, the Manhattan Collection captures the iconic architecture of high rise, glittering windows in a city where anything can happen.

Check out the full collection here.


Huge thanks to our incredible team, who created magic on the streets of Manhattan as the sun came up.

Photographer: Alex Hutchinson

Stylist: Courtney Smith

Makeup: Julianna Grogan

Hair: Clara Leonard

Videographer: Edelle Kenny

Model: Sija Titko

April’s Birthstone – Clear Quartz

Ah at last, spring is finally begin to properly creep in; the sun peeps bashfully through the clouds, not so much that you could start working on your tan but just enough to catch the sparkle on that beautiful clear quartz Juvi ring of yours.

Traditionally the birthstone for the month of April would be a diamond but as we strive to offer affordable luxury pieces, we offer the alternative of the clear quartz gemstone.  So now all the lovely ladies of april have the option to spoil themselves with a sparkling birthstone piece without breaking the bank! Woohoo!

Clear quartz in itself is a remarkable gemstone and has been regarded highly by cultures all over the world. In ancient Japanese mythology for instance, clear quartz was believed to have been created by the breath of a white dragon and signified perfection. Regarded by many as the ‘Universal Crystal’ for its incredible usefulness and the fact that all colours of the light spectrum can be contained within it, clear quartz is truly unique in its depth and beauty. Among the many uses of clear quartz is the use of clear quartz gemstones in connecting the spirit to the divine, facilitating healing and bringing strength and clarity to a troubled mind.

Has the story behind the clear quartz gemstone captured you the way it has us? Then here are some of our favourite clear quartz Juvi pieces for you to feast your eyes upon:

edit clear quartz gold


Clear quartz and silver ring Web Resolution


Web Res Gold and cq tiny studs


Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 17.56.07


December’s Birthstone – Turquoise

I remember going swimming in the local swimming pool as a child. I remember holding my breath under the water and cautiously opening my eyes in the chlorinated water to take in the somewhat blurry image of my surroundings. Aside from the sight of an odd pair of pale legs connecting to the surface of the water, I saw nothing but blue.

Looking out toward the deeper end of the pool I saw a richer, darker shade of blue – the mysterious unknown from which I could imagine the shadow of a great white shark suddenly swimming towards me. I found much more comfort in the turquoise shade of blue that enveloped my own nice shallow end of the pool. I knew that here I was safe, that here I was in control and that I was protected.

It came as no surprise to me then in my encounter with gemstones that the bright blue turquoise gemstone has been considered by many ancient civilizations to be a divine stone of luck, strength and protection. Aside from giving the wearer a uniquely bright and positive splash of colour to their wardrobe, this gorgeous December birthstone is also said to be a great stone for travellers as it help to protect the wearer on their journeys and keep them safe from evils and misfortunes along the way such as being pickpocketed or physical accidents.

So whether you’re planning a big trip away, want to avoid any bad juju or just want to add some eye catching colour to your outfit, turquoise could be the stone for you!


Here are some of our top picks of turquoise Juvi pieces:


Boho Little Bean in Sterling Silver and Turquoise


Egadi Teardrop Earrings in Gold Vermeil and Turquoise


Turquoise Large Oval Necklace with Side Piece

Juvi’s Top 5 Summer Destinations

Love travelling? So do we! Want to satisfy your wanderlust or simply indulge in a much needed break under the warm summer sun? Then keep reading to check out our top 5 summer destination picks here and then just pick your paradise.

1. The Aegadian Islands

Levanzo rocksLevanzoFavignanablank

Located off the northwest coast of Sicily, the stunning Aegadian Islands which inspired our wonderful Egadi collection consists of three main islands: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. With its small population of only 5,000 scattered across the 3 islands, it’s a hidden holiday gem not known to many non-Italians. Life on the islands moves at a slower, more laid back pace, which is excellent if you’re looking a peaceful spot for a little rest and relaxation. The Aegadian islands is an amazing place to retreat into a world of simplicity and even offers a throwback to simpler days in the human ancestry as tourists can visit caves featuring wall paintings dating back to Prehistoric times on the islands of Levanzo and Favignana.

2. Antibes

antibes 1antibes 2Grimaldi Castleblank

Having talked about the islands that inspired our Egadi collection how could we not also talk about the holiday destination that inspired our much loved Antibes collection. Situated on the extraordinary Côte d’Azur, between Niceand Cannes and overlooking the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, Antibes has been a source of inspiration not only for us but many artists from around the world including the legendary Pablo Picasso, whose works are proudly exhibited at his one-time home, Grimaldi Castle there. The Old town of Antibes, with its cobblestone streets, quaint little boutiques and fresh food stalls is one of the key highlights of Antibes, as it so wonderfully embodies the rich essence of an old Mediterranean City, a wonderful experience for all that visit it.

3. Ibiza

Ibiza 1Hippy MarketIbiza 2blank

We all know Ibiza for its world renowned reputation as the ultimate party destination, and with its sun-kissed beaches and incredible performance venues that have hosted many world famous DJs, we really can’t disagree. However Ibiza isn’t just a getaway paradise for clubbers and ravers, Ibiza town is a wonderful place for anybody looking to soak up and explore the local culture as well. The impressive seven bastioned ramparts surrounding Dalt Vila are a popular heritage site for tourists as these walls are not only rich with stories but also serve as a common venue for many of the town’s social and cultural events.

4. Lombok

lombok 1Turtlelombok seaweed ladyblank

Lombok, a breath-taking island just east of Bali and west of Sumbawa in Indonesia offers a holiday experience not to be missed. Graced with white sandy beaches and clear blue reefs that are perfect for snorkeling as well as being home to the world’s second highest volcano, Gunung Rinjani, Lombok is no doubt the island adventure that you’ve been dreaming of. For a unique, once in a lifetime experience you could even get a quick boat ride out to Gili Meno, just off the coast of Lombok , where you can check out the island’s turtle sanctuary where turtle conservationists frequently release young turtles into wild after 8 months of nurturing for them to increase their chances of survival.

5. Berlin

Berlin 3Berlin 1Berlin 2blank

Ah Berlin, the vibrant and lively capital of Germany and home to Julie’s talented sister Mariechen Danz who is currently making waves in the European art scene, it truly is a remarkable place. If you’re someone who enjoys being in the juxtaposing heart of history and modernity, then Berlin is the place for you! Featuring an incredible number of galleries and museums such as the Neues Museum which showcases some of the most valuable historical exhibits from around the world, as well as a plethora of sleek cafés, restaurants and shopping venues, Berlin is the epitome of old meets new. For things to do in Berlin, we highly recommend visiting the local weekend flea markets like the ones at Marheinekeplatz or Rathaus Schöneberg, you never know what treasures you might find!

St Patrick’s Day

This year, we are celebrating St Patricks Day from the Philippines – lucky us! That doesn’t mean that I won’t be there in spirit, I’ll be wearing my green onyx jewellery here on the beach, a subtle little nod to St Patrick. I hope everyone has a wonderful day back at home in Ireland, and enjoys the festivities.

Here’s some Juvi green onyx beauties…

csn0951go_little_bean_32.00_1Boho Little Bean Pendant in Gold and Green Onyx €79


Cocoa Pod Lago Ring in Gold and Green Onyx €105


Antibes Glamour Puss Pendant in Gold and Green Onyx €119


Cocoa Pod Baja Pendant in Gold and Green Onyx €95


Cocoa Pod Baja Earrings in Gold and Green Onyx €69