March’s Birthstone – Aqua Chalcedony

This ethereal coloured stone naturally evokes feelings of calm, crystal shores.  The most popular gemstone in the Juvi jewellery box, we cannot resist this beautiful stone – so you will find it in almost every one of our collections.  Known as the Stone of Creativity, Aqua Chalcedony is believed to help the wearer find inspiration, its calming energy creating a better flow between body and mind.

Aqua Chalcedony is also known as the ‘Speaker’s Stone’, as it keeps the wearer attuned toward the emotions of those around them and helps them to measure their words in a clear, level-headed manner when faced with conflict or aggression. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that Aqua Chalcedony is said to be closely connected with the Throat Chakra.  Widely regarded as a nurturing stone, this translucent gemstone also helps to promote feelings of brotherhood and goodwill by absorbing negative energies between people.  On a physical level, its uniquely calming characteristics is said to aid restless sleepers and protect them from night terrors, sleep paralysis and sleep walking.

Given all the amazing properties of this gemstone in tandem with how beautifully it compliments Irish skin tones, it’s not hard to see why Aqua Chalcedony is Juvi’s best-selling gemstone! Check out some of our favourite Aqua Chalcedony pieces here:


Manhattan Swing Earrings in Aqua Chalcedony and Gold Vermeil

Web Res Gold Atoll Ring in Sea Gemstone Combo

Gold Vermeil Atoll Ring in Moonstone, Aqua Chalcedony and Clear Quartz

Sterling Silver Tulum Pendant with Cocoa Pod Charm and Aqua Chalcedony


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